Blemish Blast

Christmas Season is a wonderful time of year! We see red and green and silver and gold everywhere. Everything is bright and beautiful! 

But, there is a place where red just does not belong. 

The color, RED is commonly used to intensify, but on our bodies, redness usually indicates that something is WRONG

Individuals have spent hundreds on "Acne Control Kits", soaps, creams, scrubs, diets and even laser treatment.

This isn't a new issue. It's so common that there are many prescription drugs prescribed daily to help alleviate symptoms of outbreak. 

Now, there is also something else quite common that we all share! (We just cannot see it with the naked eye.) Its name is: D E M O D E X. 

Demodex is a mite that lives near hair follicles such as our eyelid margins. This is the same type of mite that causes mange on dogs.

What we are able to see is the waxy cylindrical build up on the lidline caused by a DEMODEX INFESTATION. 

SYMPTOMS INCLUDE:  Itchy, red irritated eyes and eyelids, bumps around the eyelids and cheekbones. It can cause inflammation of the skin, acne, blemishes, and rosacea.

Below (TOP) is seen often in an eye clinic. Optometrist use the term "blepharitis"  The picture below it (bottom) is post treatment.


Treatments can be harmful, painful and unreliable. 

One of our very own team members, Lina, aka our beloved Optical Manager, suffered painful, and large facial blemishes, along with irritated, bumpy lid margins. Her Dermatologist prescribed steroid creams and gels to help alleviate the painful bumps. Lina, described a burning sensation once the gel made contact with her skin. The weeping, red irritated sores would then become scabbed over and itchy. This was a viscous cycle she suffered for almost 1 year. 

Lina sought the care of her FAVORITE OPTOMETRIST. After evaluating her eyes, and lid margins, Doctor Wood found sure signs of Demodex Infestation. He recommended a natural regimen which includes the application of Tea Tree Eyelid and Facial Cleanser, supplied in our local office.

After 1 week, Lina marked her journey to recovery. She discontinued the use of all prescribed steroid gels and began Dr. Wood's recommendation.

Lina continued the therapy as Dr. Wood prescribed. She applied the foam as instructed twice a day for 1 more month. Once we put the pictures side by side, we couldn't believe our eyes!

The result after 1 month!

Now, Lina continues the natural, chemical free eyelid and facial foam daily to maintain healthy skin.  

We are so grateful to Lina and the many other who have shared their testimony of success!

Let Doctor Wood know how he can help you!

Remember, red only looks cute on Rudolph. 


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