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Is Reading a Problem?

Is skipping lines when reading, normal?

From early childhood, learning to read is a significant milestone and continues to be a significant part of every-day life. Unless you  have been diagnosed with dyslexia, you may not know that you are also struggling with reading.


Wearing shoes on the wrong feet would not keep you from walking, but it would definitely make it less comfortable and might slow you down!


If   your    eyes are NOT perfectly aligned, it could cause certain reading   problems   that do not necessarily fall under the description of Dyslexia, but still greatly affect   the reading ability.    


Have you been told that you just need to work harder to become a "good reader"?

Do you find yourself re-reading the same line? 

Do you happen to skip a line or two and have to go back to make sense of the paragraph?

Do you use your finger to hold your place?

Does homework take you twice as long as your peers?


If you have    answered yes to any of these questions;    there is a solution for you, and it is simple!

No training

No exercises

No surgery

No sweat


The answer is PRISM.


Doctor Bobby    Wood  specializes in diagnosing and improving reading problems.     

90%     of our patients report significant improvement in  reading comprehension, efficiency and overall new enjoyment in reading!

Here at Wood Vision Source,   we   care  for your eye care.  

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""Great clinic! The staff and Dr. Wood is very professional and thorough. They ensured all out needs were met. Dr. Wood has an excellent bedside manner and explained everything thoroughly and I felt he was genuinely concerned for me and my children.""
    -Ed P.
  • ""I just recently bought a pair of prescription glasses as well as sunglasses. Extremely satisfied w both. The quality of the lens is fantastic. Marsan was very patient and helpful when trying on new glasses. Went back to pick up and experienced the same kind treatment from Diego. Would highly recommend Wood Vision Source""
    -Adriana Garza
  • ""Bobby Wood Jr. OD was very detailed in the explanation of his assessment of my eye health and medical plan of care. He gave his time to answer my questions and concerns. Ruben Ayala was excellent with my eyeglass fitting, and went above and beyond to assure my new Rudy Project glasses would arrive before my upcoming bicycle tour. The entire staff was courteous and professional. Thank you for your up to date and cutting edge care and technology!""
    -Kimberly Cass Fulton

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